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Another hurdle to overcome….

So these are the little blighters holding up progress on our planning application…. Bats…. Yep, bats. Whilst we don’t actually have any in residence at present, there is evidence that at some point there have been bats in the loft of our function room. Unfortunately this now means that we have to wait until May/June […]

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2 steps forward, 1 step back…

This planning application lark has been a learning curve….. We now have a new architect on board and a consultant who specialises in dealing with listed building applications. So whilst we’re not back to Step 1, it does feel rather like 1 step forward, 2 steps back sometimes! Amongst other things, we’re currently waiting to […]

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Patience is a virtue….

Well, what can I tell you! It’s a waiting game… and I am not as patient as I  should be! We’re waiting on the council and building regs at the moment for our build.  There were no objections to our plans, but we’re still waiting on an official extension of time – thank goodness for […]

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And we’re back in the room!

Time off is a bit of a rarity for us and as we have kids, we’re also limited by their term dates. But I’m pleased to report we’ve had a much needed break with the kids, made memories together and rested up a little. Now we’re ready and raring to go again! A massive thank […]

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A new adventure!

Running a pub can be exhausting, not just because of the long hours and lack of time off, but because you constantly need to reinvent yourself, your offering, keep up to date with the latest food and drink trends without forgetting your roots, ensure you are compliant with ever changing legislation as well as trying […]

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The Nog Blog!

So my lovely hubby, Will, has suggested we start a blog to document our plans to convert an under utilised outbuilding here at The Nog Inn (we’re very excited about this new project!), share the highs and lows of running a pub and like so many people out there, juggle work and family life balance […]

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