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The Nog Inn, Wincanton – Traditional local pub

Wincanton's finest freehouse

Grade II listed, The Nog Inn is full of character. We look to offer a warm welcome, great quality, freshly prepared food and a wonderful selection of drinks to tempt your palate.



A small quantity of alcoholic drink, typically a quarter of a pint.
“Let’s all go round to the pub afterwards for a quick noggin and a chat.”

A noggin is a small drinking cup, generally carved from the burr (English) or burl (US) of a tree. The noggin was first mentioned in the mid 17th century, initially as the cup, and later coming to mean a quarter of a pint equal to a gill. Its use later spread to North America.

The cup’s origins are not certain, but are probably from nog (a strong type of ale brewed in Norfolk, England). The noggin then became a noigin (Irish) or noigean (Gaelic).

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