Another hurdle to overcome….

So these are the little blighters holding up progress on our planning application…. Bats…. Yep, bats.

Whilst we don’t actually have any in residence at present, there is evidence that at some point there have been bats in the loft of our function room. Unfortunately this now means that we have to wait until May/June time to have another bat survey done to identify numbers/species etc before we can proceed any further. We always knew that converting the old function room wouldn’t be straight forward, but it’s an added expense & time delay when we just really want to get on with the project – most frustrating!

In the meantime though, there are lots of other things we can be getting on with, such as costings, planning, design & décor etc.  But for now that’s on hold as it’s the start of the festive season – we’re starting to get super duper busy with Christmas bookings and parties! Who needs a day off anyway?!




Days off are a rarity when running a pub!  We have therefore taken the decision to close on Bank Holiday Monday – 27th May.  Business as usual again on Tuesday – opening at 5pm.