Looking for a laugh?

On July 2nd at The Nog Inn, Matt Price, Martha McBrier and Gary Colman will be performing previews of their forthcoming solo Edinburgh Festival Shows.


Matt Price – “The Boy With Cake On His Face”

In 2005, critically acclaimed storyteller Matt received something through the post that he didn’t ask for. That something is illegal.

This is a funny, true story of trying to do the right thing, but failing and wondering how you ended up there in the first place…

Think Cornish Breaking Bad meets Only Fools and Horses. It also explains why he doesn’t like cake.


Martha McBrier – “Pigeon Puncher”

Have you ever wondered if there is a down side to being kind? Or what if someone doesn’t

want to be helped, but it’s your calling in life to help them? Glaswegian Comedian Martha is blessed (and sometimes cursed) with a desire to be helpful.

She knows about human nature. Or at least she ought to. She’s worked in domestic violence, psychiatric prisons, trained as a hypnotherapist and once punched a pigeon in order to keep a promise.


Gary Colman – “Tickling Mice”

An average bloke, morally ambiguous, scarred by a cruel and patriarchal world, who faces the problem of toughening up his young sons to the harsh realities of life.

The dilemma starts when his wife expects him to kill a tiny mouse found living in the kitchen. However he must also deal with the revelation that one, or possibly both, of his young lads may be gay.

So, if you’re free on Thursday 2nd July please come along and support our comedy night – with this line up, it’s bound to be a corker of a night!  The fun starts at 8pm….


Days off are a rarity when running a pub!  We have therefore taken the decision to close on Bank Holiday Monday – 27th May.  Business as usual again on Tuesday – opening at 5pm.